CamScanner removed from Playstore after Kaspersky found Malware in the App

CamScanner was a popular App with over 100 million downloads

CamScanner was a popular App among users to convert photos of  documents to PDF format before an Advertising-Malware was found in the App. The App was immediately removed from Play Store and it had a massive user base with over 100 million downloads. Kaspersky discovered a malicious Trojan Dropper Module in the application’s latest version. The Trojan Dropper module has a potential to show intrusive Ads and sign the users up for paid subcription. It has to noted that CamScanner was a legitimate App for quite a few years with Ads for monetisation and In-App purchase.

The malicious module is known as Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n was previously noticed in some pre-installed app on chinese smartphones. This module also can extract and run another malicious module from an encrypted file that’s included in the app’s resources. This “dropped” malware is essentially a Trojan downloader that can download more malicious modules according to what developers are upto.

 At the time of writing the CamScanner App not listed on Play Store however another version of the App, CamScanner(License) was available for a purchase which can be seen on the reference picture shown above. However this particular App can be affected as well so it is recommended not to install theApp and Un-Install the App if iinstalled untill a new version of the App is listed on Play Store void of any such modules. Till then it is advisable to use alternatives Apps that are available on Play Store from a trusted source like Adobe.

CamScanner has released a tweet regarding the issue

ATTENTION, ALL ANDROID USERS! To address your recent concerns, we are here to make the following statement and you may download the new version:

— CamScanner (@CamScanner) August 28, 2019

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